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Travel Tips

Traveling when your myasthenia gravis is active can be a challenge. Here are some suggestions:

  • Wear a medical identification emblem.
  • Keep this information in your wallet: a list of current medications, medical history, allergies, doctor contact information, and family contact information.
  • Keep your medication with you, not packed in baggage that you check.
  • Whenever possible, plan and book flights in advance. Talk to an airline representative in advance if you need help checking in, or if you need ground transport to get from one place to another in the airport.
  • For information about airport security procedures, call TSA (Transportation Security Administration) at 1.855.787.2227. If you call at least 72 hours before your trip, TSA will coordinate checkpoint support with a TSA customer service manager located at the airport if necessary.
  • Call ahead to find out if hotels have handicap accessible bathrooms.
  • Keep your luggage minimal, especially if you need help with it. Consider sending some things ahead to limit what you have to manage.
  • Maintain your medication schedule.

Check out this well-written article; with humor and smarts, Susie addresses traveling when you have a chronic illness:

Medical ID Jewelry

Here are services that offer medical ID emblems:

RoadID® (1-800-345-6336) – This company promotes safety for athletes as well as for those struggling with illness. RoadID offers fitness-styled ID bracelets in silicone, leather and other materials, as well as dog tags and shoe tags. The bracelets come in multiple colors, have badges that can be imprinted with up to six lines of text, and have slide-buckles that adjust to your wrist size. The bracelets also can include emergency response support information for a small annual fee.

MedicAlert® 1-800-ID-ALERT (1-800-432-5378) – This nonprofit healthcare organization sells engraved jewelry indicating your medical condition and offers a service that emergency responders can call for complete medical information you provide. MedicAlert also offers products for summoning emergency aid.

American Medical ID (1-800-363-5985) – American Medical ID currently sells over 100 different medical jewelry products from stainless steel to gold. American Medical ID medical jewelry includes free engraving services to ensure all patients are able to communicate their medical condition to all health care professionals in emergency situations. American Medical ID has a sister alert system, One Call Alert.  One Call Alert provides emergency medical care at the push of a button.

Wallet Card

Carry an MG information card with you in case you have a medical emergency away from home. This will save valuable time when you’re treated by doctors and emergency personnel. Click here for a printable copy that you can keep in your wallet. The Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America offers a wallet card with information for emergency responders.  It lists medications that MG patients should avoid.


Last updated April 2024

Unless otherwise stated, the information provided here is of a general nature, composed by non-medical personnel. It is meant to be accurate and helpful advice for MG patients. It is not intended to be medical opinion, nor is it a substitute for personal professional medical care.