About Sarah Bolton

Interviewer for Conquer MG’s “Finding Strength One Day at at Time” Series

Sarah Bolton is a resilience coach and rare disease advocate.

Prior to becoming a coach, she worked as a cosmetologist and enjoyed helping people feel beautiful and confident in their own bodies. Several years ago during a blow drying class at the salon, she became unable to pull the round brush through the hair, and the blow dryer felt as heavy as cinder blocks. Soon after, she was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. Sarah quickly realized that her career working behind the chair was unsustainable because of the frequent episodes of MG muscle weakness, especially in her hands.

Sarah worked with a coach prior to her diagnosis and saw the positive impact coaching had on her own life. So she decided to become a coach herself. Now, instead of being a hair-apist in the beauty industry, Sarah is able to help people in a different and even more profound way through the framework of coaching. She especially loves working with women in leadership roles as well as other folks living with invisible/chronic illnesses. In partnering with her clients, Sarah helps folks shift their focus away from how they are limited, tune into their own creativity, reinvent their relationships with their bodies so that they are in tune with what they need, and create their lives based on what they CAN do despite the challenges.

You can contact Sarah via email at bolty555@gmail.com or connect with her on Instagram at www.instagram.com/boltysbazaar.