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MG Activities of Daily Living (MG-ADL) Scale

With a disease like myasthenia that fluctuates from day to day and even more from month to month, it can be challenging to get a clear picture of a person’s illness. Your doctor can assess your myasthenia with several different tracking tools. One of these measures is called the MG Activities of Daily Living scale,… Read more »

MG Wellness: Myasthenia Gravis and Exercise

Recap: Conquer MG Webinar – June 28, 2020 Recently, panelists Julie Rowin, MD, and Julie Hossack discussed the power and possibility of exercise for those who have myasthenia gravis. Dr. Rowin is board certified in neurology, neuromuscular medicine, integrative medicine, and acupuncture. Ms. Hossack is an A.C.E Certified Personal Trainer, ISSN Certified Nutrition Coach and Peak… Read more »