Oct 25: Emerging Therapies Webinar

Speaker: Pritikanta Paul, MD, Department of Neurology, UI Health/ University of Illinois at Chicago

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  • Emerging Therapies for MG

Tuesday, October 25, 2022; 6:30pm Central

Speaker: Pritikanta Paul, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago

After years of research and clinical trials, a number of new therapies for myasthenia gravis have arrived or will do so soon. Instead of suppressing a person’s entire immune system (as with drugs like prednisone, azathioprine, and others), these therapies target and interrupt the immune system missteps caused by MG. For many, this means quicker response times, a more favorable side effect profile, and the potential for sustained and long-term remission.

Join us at 6:30pm CT on Tuesday, October 25, when neurologist Pritikanta Paul, MD, University of Illinois at Chicago,  will discuss “Emerging Therapies for Myasthenia Gravis.” He’ll explain terms like “complement inhibitor” and “Fc receptor
inhibitor,” and what these mean for MG treatment options such as Ultomiris, VYVGART, and Soliris. He’ll also address new therapies in the works that target B cells, T cells, and other disease pathways

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