Julie McCracken

Julie joined Conquer MG in 2019.  She suffered from double vision, drooping eyelids and puzzling fatigue for years before she was diagnosed with MG in 2004.  Her treatment started with Mestinon and prednisone, then IVIG every 3 weeks for over a year, multiple plasma phoresis sessions, multiple hospitalizations including 2 visits to ICU, then a year with Imuran that injured her liver and finally CellCept, which reduced her symptoms to manageable after 18 months.  She retired in 2016 (and again in 2018) from over 40 years in property management with the last 16 years as a supervisor for Chicago-based condominium property managers. While not in remission, Julie credits her husband Cliff and a Border Collie for a balanced life.  Conquer MG has provided immeasurable support and resources every time Julie’s neurologist left the area.  MG is not a disease one can manage on one’s own.


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