An MG Wall of Hope

What does a world without myasthenia gravis look like to you?

In June 2021, we asked the MG community, “What does a world without MG look like to you?” Your response was profoundly encouraging. We received over 120 “tiles” – of suns and flowers, strong smiles and wide open eyes, and so much more. Together, they make up an MG Wall of Hope.

Here’s a short video about the Wall. This longer video gives you a close up view of the tiles.

Want to claim your tile and tell us (and the MG community) more? Email us at

The Wall’s message

These artists are MGers like yourself. They’ve used their imagination to see a world where they have strength and hope – even if it just took seconds to draw an upward arrow. YOU have the POWER to envision that, too!

No one is saying that if you have MG, you can’t have joy and hope. But thinking of a life where you’re strong and your muscles work…well, it feels good to hold that idea in your head.


See the Joy

It jumps out at you: bright colors, sunny days, butterflies and rainbows, and a pot of gold. No MG? The thought makes flowers bloom and brings out our silly side.


Think of freedom

…freedom from weakness, freedom to do the things you love, freedom to go places.

No MG symptoms

In a world without MG, you can open your eyes wide, smile big, climb stairs with bags of groceries, lift weights, picnic with your family, and lay on the beach.


Where would YOU be?

If your world did not include myasthenia, would it feel bigger or more accessible? Can you find a way to access that world even with your MG? We hope so!